Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday September 24th - Hazleton, PA to home

This is my last day on the road for this trip. I've missed seeing Josh, Beth, and B'Eli (as well as Roscoe and Spike - our dog and cat). And off to work tomorrow. Manjo left before me so he could pick up Roscoe before the kennel closed. Just a few pics and a very sweet story.

I stopped for gas in Newburgh, N.Y. and an "old-timing" guy asked me if I was going to visit Orange Country Choppers. I asked him why and he replied because OCC was about 2 miles from the gas station. Well . . . that's a no-brainer and off I go! It's a beautiful store with lots of totally gorgeous "iron" on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, and in the windows. I made a few purchases and at the same time was looking for someone to take my pic in front of OCC. No
luck. As I'm walking back to my bike a mini-van parks and a couple appearing to be in their early 40's got out. I figured they were my golden opportunity and I asked the misses if she would mind taking my pic. She said no problem and quickly handed off the iPhone to her husband (who shot be pic shown below).

Well one thing led to another and they wanted to check out the trike. (The misses is thinking about getting one). During the course of which they share with me that they have a motorcycle ministry in Georgia for the "1% bikers". They shared some really interesting experiences with me. I have a picture of Christ etched on my windshield which they, of course, noticed. They said they needed to move along but would I mind if we prayed for my safe return home. I said I would appreciate it and the next thing we're standing in the middle of the OCC parking lot holding hands and praying for my safe return. They gave me their name and phone number in Atlanta (in case I was ever there and needed a place to stay). I couldn't have asked for a better "end of the road trip" experience and, hopefully, will never forget it.

I am so appreciative of all the support from Manjo, my kids and daughters-in-law, friends AND VROC'ers. I didn't meet one jerk, creep or a-hole on my trip. Perhaps I was just lucky . . . but I think it's much more than that. To quote Michelle (a colleague at the Home) this trip renewed my "faith in human nature" and definitely re-centered me.

I'm already thinking about next summer :>)


Total Mileage for the trip: 6419

Tuesday, September 22nd - Milan, Ohio to Hazelton, Pa. & Wednesday, September 23rd.

Spent the night in Milan, Ohio. Is was pretty late when I got in . . . spent too
much time stopping along the way to take pics . . . most of which I didn't keep!

It was a nice ride through the mountains today. Keeping yesterday in mind,
there are no pics!

Manjo and I arrived within 15 minutes of each other at the Hampton Inn
in Hazleton. He was a welcomed sight!!

Wednesday we rode around the hills, mountains, valleys and little towns
surrounding Hazleton. The leaves were starting to turn and the aroma
of Autumn was in the air. A few pics:

Conyngham, PA.

Death Row Motorcycles-Drum, PA.

Manjo and I at dinner. A handsome couple, if I may say so!

Monday - September 21 Iowa to Milan, Ohio

I'm realizing the the adventure will be over in another few days.
It's been an incredible experience! This is something I've dreamed
about ever since I was a kid when I would be spend hours reading
road maps and planning imaginary road trips. And here I am . . .
on one! It's a beautiful country. And when I arrive safely home
what a wonderful blessing this trip will have been.

The plan is to meet Manjo in Pa. on Tuesday, the 22nd. So my
goal is to get more than half-way there today (Monday).

Sun rising over The Mississippi river early Monday morning.

Harry Dogison eager to get back on the road headed East!

Fremont, Indiana about 5:30PM

Travel good fortune continues! I just missed a
major downpour by about 15 minutes. Swanton,
Ohio about 6:30PM.

Milan, Ohio - about 7:ooPM. Shot from the shoulder of I 80.