Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday - September 21 Iowa to Milan, Ohio

I'm realizing the the adventure will be over in another few days.
It's been an incredible experience! This is something I've dreamed
about ever since I was a kid when I would be spend hours reading
road maps and planning imaginary road trips. And here I am . . .
on one! It's a beautiful country. And when I arrive safely home
what a wonderful blessing this trip will have been.

The plan is to meet Manjo in Pa. on Tuesday, the 22nd. So my
goal is to get more than half-way there today (Monday).

Sun rising over The Mississippi river early Monday morning.

Harry Dogison eager to get back on the road headed East!

Fremont, Indiana about 5:30PM

Travel good fortune continues! I just missed a
major downpour by about 15 minutes. Swanton,
Ohio about 6:30PM.

Milan, Ohio - about 7:ooPM. Shot from the shoulder of I 80.

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