Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tuesday, September 15th Leave for home/Rt. 50 Nevada & Wednesday the16th: Eureka, NV to SLC &

Left Sunnyvale around 6:30AM.
My route for Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009:

Sunrise, shoulder of 680-Fremont, Ca. around 7AM.
I didn't read VSP's very excellent directions carefully
and ended up with a brief tour of Vacaville.

Gassing up at a Pilot in Fernley, Nv. before we start
Rt.50. I told VSP I wouldpay for his meals if he
rode Rt. 50 with me.So we had lunch at the
Wendy's (located at the Pilot Station).

It looks desolate. But in person
Rt. 50 is absolutely stunning, stark,
with wonderfully sweet desert
aromas. For additional info see:

I'm standing in the middle of Rt. 50
around 3:30 in the afternoon.
Don VSP shot this.

A picture of Roadqueen taken from Don's

Austin, Nevada: A little "town"
we passed through on our way
to Eureka.

More pics of Rt. 50. I shot these in
late afternoon/early evening on our
way to Eureka.


Wednesday, September 16th. We're in Eureka.
Cute little town in the middle of nowhere.
(Pics courtesy of Don VSP.)
For additional info, see:

Court house

Looking east to west on "Main Street".

Looking east. You can see the court house in the background.

Don VSP and I had a nice steak dinner Wednesday night at the Owl Casino and Restaurant.

Then the next morning I wanted a burrito for breakfast, but there are no burritos on the menu. The waitress asked George the cook if he will make a burrito, but George is the only cook this week and with only four hours sleep he wasn't in a very good mood. So I ordered the stuff for a burrito and a flour tortilla and made it myself.
George looking blurred and tired.

After breakfast we hit the road. Today we will ride to Ely, NV and then leave Hwy 50 and head back to I-80 at Wendover, NV right on the Utah border.

At Ely we stop to look over the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall. Then the ride along NV
93 and NV Hwy 93 Alt was the most boring road that I have ever ridden. It is worse than the road from Wendover to Salt Lake City, UT.

We gas up and have a Junior Whopper at the adjacent Burger King. After lunch we say our good byes and VSP heads west and I head east.

This is my route for Wednesday the 16th:

Picture of the Salt Lake Desert headed east on I 80.
Shot around 6:30 PM

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