Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19th WY --> NE

Saturday the 19th:
Stayed at Quality Inn & Suites in Laramie last night. Same place I stayed on the
of homemade brownies for the guys at the HD shop.

This road sign is not uncommon on I 80 in the plaines and mountains. It greeted
me as I began my travels East for the day.

A great place to stop for gas and a snack is Waverly, NE. It's about 3 miles
north of I 80. Took this pic leaving Waverly.

BIG winds, some dust, lots of BSTs (big, scary trucks) and a few
construction slow downs. A lot of bikers headed West. I did around
420 miles and stopped for the day in Grand Island.

Eastern Wyoming wind farm. There's something elegant about the wind

OK . . . I've been warned. Rest area Kimball, Ne.

I don't see any rattlers . . do you?

Marker at eastern Wy. rest area. In the late afternoon
the sagebrush looks faintly purple.

(Purple Heart marker) Sincere thanks from Manjo and
myself to all you who have served our country and given
so much.

Not a great pic. A small SUV pulling a trailer w/3
pristine, well decked out Harleys pulled up in front
of me at a rest area (about 300 miles east of Omaha).
One by one 3 youngish guys and3 women climb out
of the car. One guy - on his way back from the men's
room (I'm assuming) -asks me in his big biker voice
"where you going?".I replied, "Atlantic ocean. Where
you going?" I asked."Omaha" he says in a not so big
biker voice and walked away.

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