Saturday, September 12, 2009

Departure minus 4 days

It's been great staying with my son, daughter-in-law and Annika . . .

On Wednesday (the 8th) I took a ride up Sunnyvale-Saratoga Blvd. into
the mountains to Saratoga.

From there I followed Rt. 35 north and stopped at
Alice's (corner of
Rts. 35 and 84). Met a guy - Doug, his wife and his daughter. They're from
New Brunswick and good friends of Victor Griffith and his family.
Victor stayed with Manjo and me several years ago on his way back to
N.B. from Conn.

Continued on my way through the mountains and stopped at the "general
store (and bar)" in San Gregregorio. Last time I ever do that! Staff
was - at best - rude rude rude.

Continued on my way to Half Moon Bay. This is looking east from Rt.
35 about 10 miles from Half Moon Bay. I had hoped to get into downtown Half Moon Bay
but the fog was coming in pretty fast and headed to 280 instead.

I'm planning on leaving this coming Tuesday, the 15th. I will put post on VROC shortly
asking if anybody wants to ride some, part, or all of Rt 50 from Sparks or Fallon, Nevada to
Utah with me probably on the 16th.

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