Monday, September 14, 2009

Departure minus 3 Days


The kids treated to a really breakfast early today (Saturday) at Dinah's Court on El Camino in Palo Alto.

Caged it to the Walmart in Mountain View for a can of Berryman's and some "healthy" road snacks. No Berryman's but got H2O, salted cashews, Baby Ruth's and Pretzels! My daughter-in-law had warned me about going on a Saturday afternoon! Totally crazy! Got Berryman's and 2 safety flares at Kragen Auto. I'm still optimistically waiting to hear from a VROC'er interested in riding Rt. 50 with me.


Off to church. Pics of my friends

Marlene and Bonnie (aka the "church ladies"). It was so nice to seem them again. I will miss them until next time.
Also a pic of me and Pastor Bob

(St. Lukes Lutheran Church, Sunnyvale - ELCA). Great people, great music, very user friendly.

Haa-zaah and great news!! Just talked to Don VSP and he will ride Rt. 50 with me. I'm so psyched! I might be able to meet up with Badger somewhere along the way and ride with him back to Pa.

My son changed the oil on the trike this afternoon. He was completely unimpressed by how user-UNfriendly HD is (location of oil filter).

I'll miss the Kids and the baby
but it will be nice to start back home to Manjo and the rest of my friends and family there.

LilDoc (30949)

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