Friday, August 28, 2009

11th Day Leaving Salt Lake City

Great Salt Lake leaving SLA on the way to Wendover, NV.

Duke (Ron Bennet, SLC, UT area) rode with me form SLC to Wells.
(More text coming later to fill in the blanks). ON the way to Winnemucca, NV and Basque food with Don VSP and Kiwi!

It was a very hot ride from SLC to Winnemucca. The heat
wouldn't been so terrible except that it was compounded by the heat
coming off the damn engine of the Street Bob!

Last night we went to The Martin in downtown Winnemucca for Basque
food. All the sides are served family style. A guy sitting our table
was from St. Anthony Newfoundland. It was totally surprised that
Manjo and I had been there twice and that I knew where his town was
and that we had been there.

Dinner in Winnemucca, NV at the Martin Basque Restaurant: Don, Lil Doc, and Kiwi.

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