Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday - August 24th -8th Day on the Road

Picture taken of rear view mirror at dawn filling up in NOrth Platte, NE. Left DesMoines about 8:15 yesterday. Stopped in Kearney, NE last night. I probably could have gotten to North Platte but figured SW. So that was about 382 miles. A couple from Ill. (She dyes her hair and became a RN at 50 - yes the gift continues!) estimated wind at about 25mph.
Stopped at westbound exit 442 in Ne. for gas and a snack (BTW there's a Cabela's
there. I didn't go in.). The stop is called Fantasty Island. Clean, all
kinds of nice "looking" fresh fruits, salads, sandwiches, and baked
goods. Got a huge decafe with lots of milk. Slugged almost all of it
back before I stopped to "savor" it. The freaking milk was sour. I
guess the fantasy is the milk will be fresh! As Manjo predicted, I hit
"road mopes" today. Seemed like so much flat, open space and so much
more to go. But I had a few chats with myself reminding myself that I've
been wanting to do something like this since I was a kid and I'm
totally blessed to be able to do it now.
Hope to make Cheyenne WY today before the rains hit.

Made it to Laramie to get in line tomorrow morning at the dealer to have the trike checked. Poor mileage and gas gauge not working. Might just be poor gas.

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