Saturday, August 29, 2009

12th Day Reno

Taking off today around 9:00 am for Reno.

I'm so psyched!! The two Dons and I head out after breakfast to Reno . Don's been so helpful. All the support from VROC and Manjo has been a real blessing. THEN tomorrow (God
willing) I'll be Sunnyvale!!!

I'm in the motorcycle parking garage at the Silver Legacy Casino
in Reno. DonVSP's radiator boiled over on the Beemer just as we pulled
in. He's got to drain the air out of his engine before he can put coolant in his radiator. So we'll be
staying somewhere on the road. Don found out it was the fan and the dealer took one off another bike and put it on Don's bike. Great dealer. We're staying in Minden, NV tonight.

Here are some some casino pics.

Tip: McDonald's in Lovelock, Nev. has "senior"
sodas: 51cents for a small. Saw lots of locomotives today.

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