Sunday, August 30, 2009

14th day In California!

California . . . here I am!!

Arrived Saturday around 3:30pm Ca. time (see picture to right). DonVSP's got me to 680 and then returned to Stockton for other commitments. My thanks to Kiwi and
VSP for riding to Winnemucca to meet me and bring me "home".

Got off 680 at the wrong exit. But no problem. Rode through Milpitas and took a left on El Camino Real. In about 10 minutes I was at our son and his wife's home.

Off to church in a few hours . . . for obvious reasons and to see the "church ladies" Bonnie and Marlene. Totally random that I meet them last year at church. Marlene's from Maynard, Ma. (town next to mine) and one of her
kids was born in the same hospital where I used to work in the ER.

I plan to head back east in around two weeks from this coming Monday.

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