Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday - August 25th - 9th Day Near Rock Springs WY

Thankfully the bike is OK! High altitude, strong head winds, and a
heavy hand on the throttleall contributing to poor MPH. I stayed
at a really nice/new Quality Inn in Laramie Monday night. The
manager - Annette - has a "soft spot" in her heart for bikers. I asked
her this Tuesday AM if there was a Dunkin Donuts nearby so I could
get the shop guys some donuts. No DD and I'd have to go back into
town to a local bakery. So I asked if I could buy a dozen donuts from
her. She didn't have a dozen left after breakfast. So she gave me a plate
full of homemade brownies that she was going to put out later in the
day. Totally blew me away. Shop guys loved them.

Met a guy in the gas station in Laramie who was from the North End
( Boston). Said he lived on Hanover St.

Meet a guy yesterday who was on a Wing and doing
an Iron Butt from Downers Grove, Il. to Laramie,
Wy. and back. He lives very close to where my folks
lived. 6 degrees of separation?

Took 130 out of Laramie - Thanks to suggestion from Utemike.
Rode through Centennial, Saratoga, high plains, the mountains
and Medicine Bow National Forest. Some - but not much- snow
on themountains. Absolutely beautiful. Saw antelope. Lots of
good twisties and switchbacks. A few pics from Rt. 130:

Roadside monument (between eastbound and
westbound I 80) near Laramie.

Hit a few periods of rain on I-80. Nothing terrible.
It looked like it had really poured earlier - puddles along
theshoulder of the road. In Rock Springs tonight. Plan to take
a fewmore rides through the mountains on my way to SLC.
Having dinnerthere tomorrow night w Utemike and his wife.
Going to meet up with DonVeryShortPerson and Kiwi Don on
Thursday. Ron B. is going to ride with me from SLC to Wendover
on Thursday morning. I really appreciate all the support I've
received from you VROC guys - most especially MANJO.

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